The cost of 100% Kona Coffee.

What! $40.00 lb. for coffee. Let me explain. 100% Kona Coffee is a specialty coffee. It has a taste unlike most other coffees. We are a small geographic area and the yield from all the Kona coffee grown is small compared to the rest of the coffee growing world. Most, not all, but most Kona coffee is from small 5 acre or less farms and is being sold right from the farmers that grow it. You get the taste of that farm. Depending on the elevation and roasting, your Kona coffee will have many subtle flavors. Much like the Napa wine area.
This is America; the cost associated with labor, land, living standards is just higher than the rest of the coffee world. Where a farm worker is seeking a decent wage here in Kona, your 3rd world coffee growing regions most likely are paying a few dollars a day for workers. In a nut shell, you are getting a great tasting coffee grown here in America, supporting the American economy and the people that have a passion for working the land and keeping the farming spirit alive here in our country. As you visit our website, we hope you will learn a few new facts about coffee and all the work and love that go into your cup everyday.

At this price, a cup of 100% Kona Coffee is still a bargain @ about .75 cents a cup. 1 pound of coffee will give you about 50-70 cups of pure pleasure. When you buy a cup of coffee, you pay upwards of $2.50. Multiply that into a pound and you are paying about $100.00+ for a pound of coffee.
Aloha, their has been a small price increase to keep up with the rest of the world. Reserch shows we are still at the lowest end of Kona coffee pricing by far, as we provide the best beans that Kona has to offer.