Whether you know it or not, that coffee you drink each morning is likely chemically treated.

When it comes to your morning coffee, it doesn’t need to be said how important it is to you. However, there is one thing that many people don’t know. Most of the coffee you drink is fumigated with a chemical called methyl bromide which is harsh on the environment an your coffee bean.. With most of your morning coffee coming from imports, it is actually very likely that your morning brew has been chemically treated to comply with import laws.
With current US law, and USDA policy, most raw coffee beans coming into the United States must be fumigated before it lands on US soil. Bugs, coffee leaf rust, and other coffee diseases may be present in shipments of green coffee beans that are imported into our country. Almost all coffee beans imported into the US are then sent to Roasters and then distributed out to your favorite retail store or coffee shop.
Hawaii is the only place in the US that grows coffee. So when we send coffee to you on the mainland, it is not considered an import. It is a US product. Anyway, most 100% Kona Coffee comes from small 5 acre or less farms and we ship it to you Roasted ready to brew. No middle man roasting facility. Remember, alot of Kona coffee is sold as a Kona blend. It will only have about 10% Kona Beans mixed in. The rest is a fumigated import. So please read the label and only buy 100% Kona Coffee for your pleasesure, your health, and the environment.

What is Methyl Bromide Fumigation?

With the current method of treating coffee beans each shipment of coffee is treated with methyl bromide for eight hours before being allowed into the country. With over 90% of the coffee in the U.S. coming from imported raw coffee beans, this means that a large proportion of the coffee you drink has been treated.